Letter of Agreement/Contract
for Workshops & Lectures by Debra M. Danko--Quilt Artist

P. O. Box 434,
Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0434


For Workshops & Lectures by Debra M. Danko--Quilt Artist
P. O. Box 434 , Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0434
810-636-3424 dmdquilts@yahoo.com http://www.debradanko.com

Between __________________________________________________________________ and Debra Danko.

This agreement confirms that Debra Danko will present the following:

LECTURE : _______________________________________________________________

Day: __________ Date: _______________________________Time: ___________________

LOCATION of lecture: If Debra is driving, please include name of building, street address, zip code and phone number. _________________________________________________________________________

WORKSHOP #1 : _________________________________________________________

Day: _____________________ Date: ______________________Time: ________________

WORKSHOP #2 : _________________________________________________________

Day: _____________________ Date: ________________________Time: ______________

WORKSHOP #3 : _________________________________________________________

Day: _____________________ Date: ________________________Time: ______________

Location of Workshop(s):____________________________________________________


Workshop Notes: Supply lists are found on Debra's web site beneath the class description.
Lab fee for the Oversized Flower Power Workshop: $5 per student. FEES


Promotional and Biographical materials for lectures and workshops can be found on the website: http://www.debradanko.com. Slides can also be sent upon request to Contact Representative for previews, newsletters/brochures, introductions, etc.




 LODGING provided by your group will be at:

Name of hotel, motel or guild member: ___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

Reservation #:________________________________


Additional Expenses:
Debra may need to ship her trunk show quilts as extra baggage on the airplane (they charge an extra fee) or Fed Ex overnight.

Expenses will be shared between all guilds/conferences on a multi-venue tour. Each group will be charged a percentage of total mileage and airfare, bus/taxi fare, parking, tolls, and extra day lodging and meals expense. The expenses will be apportioned fairly.   Individual groups will be responsible for lodging and meals on the days Debra is working for them. A $35.00 per diem will be assessed for meals on days when they are not provided by your group.  

If Debra will be in your area for extra days in order to: be available on your regular guild meeting days, share expenses with other groups in your area, or to save the guild or conference money on air fare, your guild/conference will be responsible for sharing all expenses on these extra days with the other groups involved.

As a service to the students, I bring supplies relevant to the classes available for sale. The Guild/Conference will not expect to collect any commissions on these sales. Debra will not promote these items during the class, nor will she spend class time selling them. They are simply available for sale to interested students. 

The Guild/Conference may cancel a workshop or a lecture up to two months before the date of the workshop or lecture and prior to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, or any other expenses incurred by Debra Danko. If a workshop is canceled after the purchase of airline tickets, the guild/conference will be responsible of paying for the tickets and any other expenses incurred by Debra.

If your workshop cancels in the middle of a multi-venue tour, your group will be responsible for covering Debra's daily minimum fee of $500.

If your group has its own contract, Debra's contract will also be needed. Please cross out and initial any clauses in your contract that are in conflict with the requirements spelled out in Debra's contract.

A signed copy of this contract must be returned to Debra Danko before a firm commitment can be made. If your group would like to reserve future dates, but has not yet booked a venue or made decisions on which workshops to schedule, please insert TBA (to be announced) on the form. An additional completed copy of this contract must subsequently be forwarded to Debra at a later date, being at least 60 days before the scheduled lectures/workshops. Airline tickets will not be purchased until a contract is completed and sent to Debra Danko.

Please complete, make a photo copy for yourself and sign both copies.

Keep one copy for your records and return one copy to Debra M. Danko.

I have read the above letter of agreement/contract and I understand and agree to its terms:

Institution/Guild/Conference Representative

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

Phone: day: _________________________ evening: ______________________________

Email: _________________________________________

Signature: ______ Date: _____________________

Second person in your group who can be contacted:

The Guild/Conference will provide the name of a second person in your organization who can be contacted in the event that the organizer/program chair is not available.

Name: ___________________________________________________________________ 

Address: _________________________________________________________________

 Phone: __________________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________

Lecturer/Teacher: _____________________________ Date: _____________________

Debra M. Danko
P.O. Box 434
Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0434



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Debra M. Danko
P.O. Box 434, Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0434